Frequently Asked Questions

Who sees my data?

Your health and activity records are password protected and only seen by you and your doctor. If you want to share your records (Initial Health History, Activity Log, or Assigned Exercises) with another health care provider, trainer or coach, you may do so by allowing them access to your files. However, for doctor's treatment notes, you must first sign a release form before your doctor can print them for you or fax or email them to you (secure email).

Do I have to record every exercise session I do while under care in your office?

It is recommended that you do so since consistent data will help you and your doctor understand your progress and lead to better decision making in planning both your office care and self-care. Your data will also serve as a guide for future treatment if your injury returns or if you need periodic check-ups or wellness visits.

Do you recommend that I continue to use the Activity Log and Activity Readiness Scale even if I'm not an active patient?

Yes. Training History was created to help you to continue to monitor your health and injury status past your release from injury care. Having a current record of your activity will help prevent relapses and give you the tools you need to receive effective care at the first signs of a new injury.