Welcome to Training History, an interactive, web based communication platform. Training History uses online patient input, electronic health records and exercise videos to improve patient education, care and documentation. Training History helps both you and your doctor, therapist, trainer or coach to monitor the relationship between your daily activities and your health status.




Why Training History
Although injuries and health challenges will always occur, their frequency and severity, as well as their financial cost and quality of life impact, can be better controlled if we think and act in a proactive way. To achieve these desired results, we need a plan and measureable goals to guide our progress. With the Daily Activity Log and Activity Readiness Scale of Training History, the healing process can be better organized and patients are educated as they undergo treatment and rehab. Whether you are an competitive athlete or are just getting out of pain and resuming daily activities after injury, learning the relationship between your daily habits and exercise levels, and how to self-monitor, can help you seek treatment at an earlier and "easier to treat" point of care, minimize the frequency of treatment and build higher levels of health to keep yourself healthy and active for years to come.